Stories of Change

Imagine the Stories - Luke & Holly

Imagine the Stories - Luke&Holly from Winston-Salem Rescue Mission on Vimeo.

Enoch Williams

enoch_williamsEnoch Williams often wondered why he was named after a biblical character. It was this intrigue that has led him on a life search for God. “I was reared in a single family home with a lot of love given to me and my older brother by a hard-working mother. We still visited our father, and spent much quality time with him also.” Williams was taught spiritual things and even made a profession of faith at ten years old. “As I grew up, the things of God did not hold any interest for me. My profession was simply head knowledge, but as I got older my life took a different course. I was a ‘Sunday believer’, not a disciple of Christ.”

Enoch Williams was adrift in his own world of addiction, and the life that goes along with feeding a hellish habit. His loss of friends to prison and death began to take its toll on his life, but God intervened. “I arrived at Alpha Acres in March of 2013, broken and lost. Jesus saved me on April 24, 2013, and I truly became a new creature in Christ. I am not the same man I used to be.” True indeed! Enoch Williams is not the same man he used to be! When asked if he knew what his name meant, he spoke with a smile, “It means ‘dedicated’. I am dedicated to Christ and to my recovery. He wants me in His ministry full time, and that is to His glory!” Enoch is now living in the New Life Center, and has recently gained employment. He plans to be certified as an advocate for people that are recovering from substance abuse, as well as to further his theological education at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia majoring in Christian apologetics.

Joel King

joel_kingIn August of 2011, while standing in my Dad’s driveway, I wondered how I had fallen back into in the same lifestyle God saved me out of in March 2007.

What happened? I asked myself. As I stood pondering that question, I told my Dad I just needed to get away. He took me to see an old friend who I remembered was a Chaplain at a rescue mission somewhere in North Carolina at one time. As this man counseled me in what direction to go, I decided to come to the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission hoping that it would fix my problem. My good friend told me that leaving Anderson, South Carolina, would not solve the problem but it could help me focus on the things I needed to do at a place away from all the distractions. Deep inside I knew it would set me on the path to recovery.

My Dad drove me to Winston-Salem on August 30, 2011. When we pulled up to the Rescue Mission I began disliking the fact that I would be so far away from my family and my comfort zone. I sat looking at the old building of the Rescue Mission and wondered, “Would staying here help me?”

I watched as my Dad drove away and felt a deep sense of loneliness and abandonment. My heart was crying out but I felt like no one could help me. I had fallen to the point I no longer was sensitive to God. I was in spiritual ruin and felt that an unbroken relationship with Jesus Christ would be sufficient for me. The joy of salvation from when I first experienced Jesus Christ was gone. My fellowship with God was broken, and I questioned my purpose, my direction in life, and even my salvation.

Not long after arriving at the Rescue Mission, I was assigned a task along with classes, counseling sessions, and chapel services almost nightly. I began to evaluate my spiritual life. After completing the 90-day Life Builders program, I felt like I could go home.
God had other plans for me. I came to the New Life Center for the 12-month Transformers program hoping to get a fresh start. During work with the counselors God showed me the problems that I must deal with to be able to have a proper fellowship with Him. God revealed some big issues in my life that had caused me to stumble. While at the New Life Center, as I dealt with issues like pride, lying, and addiction, I realized that I had become my own worst enemy. My focus was on me rather than Christ.

Sharing my struggles with others has helped me see that it takes submission to God to be able to overcome these obstacles through Jesus Christ. I have since built new friendships, reconciled with family, and joined a local church where I serve.

The Winston-Salem Rescue Mission became a place of refuge for me as I rekindled a relationship with God. God used the Rescue Mission and its staff to help me build a new life. I have since graduated from the Transformers program and am attending Forsyth Tech. My relationship with God is now my focal point. I thank God for what He has done, and I seek now for all I do to honor Jesus Christ in all His glory.