Recovery Programs

Life Builders

Life Builders is a 90-day program focused on the physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual development of the residents. The program is designed to help men overcome their addictions and gain the tools required to become productive members of society. Through classes such as Anger Management, Financial Management, Life Skills, Crossroads, and the Victorious Life, residents are taught recovery principles as well as the skills needed to make positive changes in their lives. In addition to these courses, the WSRM’s partnership with Forsyth Technical Community College gives residents the opportunity to obtain a GED and vocational training. Through daily devotions, chapel services and one-on-one counseling, residents are presented with the truth of the Gospel and taught how to live a successful Christian life. Residents who complete the Life Builders program become potential candidates for the 12-month Transformers program. For more information, please e-mail or click here for a fill-able application. Once you have filled out the application and saved it, please email the application to the email address listed above.

New Life Center

The New Life Center houses the 12-month Transformers Program. Through this long-term recovery program, residents are guided through a process of total life transformation involving physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and development. As stated in Romans 12:2, the goal of this program is to assist the residents in changing their thought patterns, which in turn changes their behaviors and overall approaches to life. Through courses in computer skills, adult education, financial management, healthy living, leadership skills, and career development, men are led down a path towards self-sufficiency. In addition to these courses, the WSRM’s partnerships with Forsyth Medical Center, Forsyth Technical Community College, and Winston-Salem State University afford the residents the opportunities to learn necessary life skills and further their education. Through daily devotions, chapel services and one-on-one counseling, residents continue to be presented with Biblical truths and discipled in living as new creatures in Christ. Upon completing the Transformers program, the residents are assisted with gaining permanent employment and housing as they work to transition back into society. For more information, please e-mail

Alpha Acres

Alpha Acres, "A Place of New Beginnings," serves as a second location for the Transformers program. Sitting on a 110-acre farm in Yadkinville, NC, this facility’s rural setting proves beneficial for men who need to be separated from the urban environment. Alpha Acres provides a structured, 12-month program consisting of intense Bible study, addiction recovery, academic instruction, work therapy, and recreation. These various facets of the program work together to create a well-rounded individual who is prepared to re-enter society as a successful citizen. The Innovative Learning Center at Alpha Acres helps men with a variety of different academic needs, enabling them to obtain their GED’s and learn both computer and critical thinking skills. In addition to the structured program components, the residents have the opportunity to participate in various recreational activities such as sports and fishing. Upon completing nine months at Alpha Acres, residents transfer to the New Life Center to begin looking for employment. The cost of this program is $1,200. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required at check-in. The balance is to be paid in monthly installments of at least $100, with the first payment due at the end of the first 30 days of residence. For more information, click here or e-mail