Winston-Salem Rescue Mission Alpha Acres Program

Alpha Acres: One-Year Transformers Program

Alpha Acres has Changed Lives of many men through its structured 12-month recovery program consisting of intense Bible study, academic instruction, hard work, and recreation. Watch this short video to learn more.

Located in Yadkinville, NC, Alpha Acres is known as “A Place of New Beginnings” for many men whose lives have reached rock bottom as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, or other reasons that have led to their lives becoming unmanageable.

The Alpha Acres program has one focus – to create a more well-rounded individual who is better capable of re-entering society as a successful citizen, son, brother, husband, and father.

In addition to daily Bible groups, life skills groups, Scripture memory, group counseling sessions, and one-on-one counseling that combines evidence-based practices with biblical principles, the men must also regularly attend a local church and are encouraged to get involved there. Christ has the power to change lives, and it is this very power that has brought about positive results to the Alpha Acres program.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery

The Innovative Learning Center at Alpha Acres helps men with a variety of different academic needs. Those who did not complete high school have the opportunity to study for their GED.

Each man is given a work assignment while in the program so that he is taught to deal with authority and co-worker relationships without the aid of drugs and alcohol. The work also helps to keep the residents’ minds and hands busy with little time to dwell on their past way of life.

One effective program is called “Giant Killers.” To facilitate personal and spiritual growth on their journey toward self-sufficiency, residents learn to identify the “Giants” in their lives, and then systematically walk through ways of addressing these issues while look to God for answers.

After the completion of the “Giants” program, the residents finish the rest of the program in the “transition” phase. The purpose of the transition period is for the men to slowly and successfully integrate back into the community.

The Pre-Screening Process for admittance into Alpha Acres includes:

  1. A phone interview
  2. Sponsorship,* including a $200 non-refundable deposit**
  3. Testing
*Every program partcipant is required to have a sponsor who will provide transportation, as well as moral & financial support.
**The cost of the program is $1,200, which includes the $200 non-refundable deposit. The balance is to be paid in equal $100 installments for 10 months.

Mike Lynn, whom everyone knows as “Pete,” is the Work Therapy Supervisor at Alpha Acres, and also maintains the facilities there. His dedication and desire to see the place reach its full potential is his passion. His love for the Rescue Mission and the work done at Alpha Acres is contagious. If you visit, Pete will take you on a tour that will give you a vision for what could be done in the future.

On our beautiful property at Alpha Acres, the men play volleyball and horseshoes, fish in the lake behind the farmhouse, play games in the common area of the house, and play basketball and lift weights in the activity building. In this way, recreation is also a part of their recovery in mind, body, and spirit.

The cost of this program is $1,200. It includes a non-refundable deposit of $200, which is required at check-in. The balance is to be paid in monthly installments of at least $100, with the first payment due at the end of the first 30 days in residence.

Have a question? Call 336-723-1848 x.138 Our fax number 336-232-1687.

What to Bring

  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Towels & Rags
  • Shampoo, Toothbrush & Paste
  • Razors & Shaving Cream (No products with alcohol in them)
  • Linens: Twin bed sheets if you have them
  • Pillow, Blanket
  • Class Materials: Bible, 3 Ring Binder and Paper, Pens
  • Clothing: Dress clothes, shoes, dress socks
  • Work Clothes and boots
  • Gym clothes for recreation
  • Nonperishable snacks
  • Drinks (No energy drinks or weight lifting supplements)
  • Any amount over $20 will need to be locked in the safe
  • Family can send Postal money orders if the resident has a valid (not expired) driver’s license.
  • No prescription medication unless approved by Manager of the program
  • Over-the-counter medications will be distributed twice each day

What NOT to Bring

  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol of any kind including mouthwash, cologne, hair products, or isopropyl alcohol
  • No energy drinks or weight lifting supplements
  • Money in any amount over $20 will need to be locked in the safe
  • Family can send Postal money orders if the resident has a valid (not expired) driver’s license
  • No prescription medication unless approved by Manager of the program
  • All over the counter medications will be distributed twice each day

“I came to Alpha Acres in January, a lost and broken person. I had bounced from rehab to rehab over the course of a few years. I was not a believer in Christ and did not ever think I would ask Jesus to be a part of my life. Over the past eight months, I have remained sober, positive, and willing to do whatever it takes to remain clean from drugs.” MICHAEL

“The staff at Alpha Acres focuses more on underlying issues than substance use. I can feel the difference of a Christian approach… the classes are informative, and the work we do has effects that are real, deep, and substantial.” C.W.

“Alpha Acres gave me the chance to get away from negative people, places or things that have held me back. It also gave me a chance to think about a lot of stuff you have done to your loved ones and attempt to make amends with those you truly care about.” WILL

“Alpha Acres is a place of new beginnings in my struggle with alcohol abuse. This program taught me how to overcome my addiction.” HOWARD

“I have found Alpha Acres to be a place to create a new life and be able to change for God and learn about Him and abide in Him. This place is great for an outdoors person because you really get to learn how to have a great time without having drugs.” JEREMY

“Alpha Acres changed my life and got me closer to God. I have screwed up every aspect of my life; good jobs, college, new cars, my walk with God, and a good loving family. Since coming to Alpha Acres I’m closer to God than I have ever been, I have a good career lined up, and my family forgives me. Alpha Acres SAVED MY LIFE! JAMIE

Rescue Mission Transformers Program

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Luke & Holly, featured in the video above, are now pastors at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Eden, N.C.

“Before coming to Alpha Acres my life was a wreck. I was completely homeless, hopeless, and dependent on other people. This place has identified not only my addiction but other problem areas in my life. Getting my relationship right with God gives me hope for myself and my future. This place has restored my personal relationships with family, friends and my daughter.” COREY

“This ministry has given me a second chance at life, and the opportunity to grow closer to God.” C.R.

“A great Christian life-changing place. Christian principles based on Scripture and what God has said about recovery and life.” MATT

“Alpha Acres is a place that the Lord has His hand on. A place where you can find salvation and merciful grace from God Almighty.” RUSSELL

Winston-Salem Rescue Mission Alpha Acres Program
Winston-Salem Rescue Mission Alpha Acres Program
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